Upcoming and recent exhibitions

As of April 2021, I have a print in Open Fragment online exhibition organised by Pragmata  Collective (www.pragmatacollective.co.uk) and four small artist's books in the "Restriction" exhibition curated by Correspondence Collective (https://www.correspondencecollective.com) beginning 23 March, including the three shown right.

My 2021 exhibition at TOD gallery is over but you can still view it online at https://todgallery.com/jiggery-pokery-1.

I took part in a few physical exhbitions in 2020, in London, Bishops Castle and Sheffield, plus some online shows.  Before the onset of Covid 19, my artist's books and prints were at Whitney Court, Herefordshire; “Turn the Page” artists’ book fair in Norwich May 2019; Marches Makers Festival, May 2019; the Bristol Artists’ Book Event BABE), March 2019;  the Small Publishers’ Fair, London, November 2018; the Frankenstein exhibition at Liverpool Central Library and two other venues; “60 years in a Box” exhibition at the Hereford Archive and Record Centre; and the Manchester and Liverpool Artists’ Book Fairs.