Lost Days 2022 - Castellated spine binding

Lost Days series

“Lost” has been a recurring theme in my artist’s books: Lost Washers, Lost Ringpulls, Lost Banks, Lost Marbles and Lost Days.  Lost Days was, from 2010-2020, an annual series (missing only 2012).  The content of each new edition has been similar: at first sight, each appears to be a calendar for the coming year.  But, on closer examination, we see that each month has some dates missing, or “lost”, defined by different mathematical series and simple code messages.

There is a "key" with each edition explaining the mathematical series or code message used.

Each edition packs flat and comes in an envelope.


Lost Days 2013 used a sculptural structure that I’ve called the “Star Wheel” or "Catherine Wheel" (the original "Curved Quadrilateral" was a bit of a mouthful)

2014 and 2015

Lost Days 2014 & Lost Days 2015 used yet another self-discovered structure that I’ve named “Hidden Content, Double Meaning”.  Opened one way, the 2014 edition shows the 12 months of 2014.  Close & re-open a different way and you get the first 6 months of 2015 as well.

Lost Days 2014 opened as a concertina. The accompanying envelope & key are also shown here.

And here is the same Lost Days 2014, now opened in the alternative "book page" way, to reveal the "hidden content" of the first six months of the following year, 2015.

Here's Lost Days 2015. You get 2015 dates by opening the concertina and the first six months of 2016 in the "hidden" section, revealed by opening like a book


Lost Days 2016, uses the Turkish mapfold structure

Lost Days 2016 - Turkish mapfold structure

Here's the same Lost Days 2016 folded flat, with its accompanying envelope and key


Lost Days 2017 used the "treefold" structure.

Lost Days 2017 - do you get the "treefold"?

Again the same Lost Days 2017 but now extended (you just tug the two end tabs) - shown with the accompanying envelope and key

2018 & 2019

The "treefold" structure has been so popular that I used it again for 2018 and 2019.  Of course, they use 2018 & 2019 dates.

All the "Lost Days" series initially look like simple calendars.  Closer examination reveals that each month has missing, or “lost”, dates – according to various mathematical formulae & simple code messages.  There is a list of these on the accompanying envelope.

Lost Days 2020 re-uses the Jesters Hat structure that I invented.



Prices vary, according to how difficult the copies of each edition are to make:

Lost Days 2010: originally £30, now £25

Lost Days 2011: originally £30, now £25

Lost Days 2013: originally £30, now £25

Lost Days 2014: originally £25, now £20

Lost Days 2015: originally £25, now £20

Lost Days 2016: originally £25, now £20

Lost Days 2017: last few copies only £12

Lost Days 2018: originally £15, now £10

Lost Days 2019: originally £15, now £12

Lost Days 2020: originally £30, now £25

Lost Days 2022: £30, now £25

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