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Lost Days 2022 - resembles a calendar at first glance. On closer examination, days are missing, or "lost", according to mathematical series (prime numbers, fibonacci series, etc).

Pleased that Cardiff Metropolitan University (Cardiff Met) has bought three of my artist's books, Lost Days 2022, Lockdown Times & Covid Road Signs

Lockdown Times - m ore adventurous cooking during the first lockdown. Circular concertina structure that springs up when not anchored shut.

"The Lockdown Times April 2020"
Photos that document one way we got through the first month and a bit of lockdown - through more adventurous cooking than there is time for in normal life.  "Circular concertina" structure that folds flat but pops up to becomes sculptural.  

"Covid Road Signs"
Imaginary new road signs that might have been used by the government to enhance adherence to Covid 19 restrictions.